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Verifying Your Insurance

We will do our utmost to verify and check all primary and secondary insurances for coverage. However, it is important for you to understand that insurance approvals are estimates. Although it is rare that fees for services will differ from what is estimated if this does occur, the patient receiving services is responsible for the difference.

Our In-Network Providers

Although we accept most insurance, we are currently in-network providers for the following insurance programs:

  • Washington Dental Services
  • Regence
  • Premara Blue Cross
  • Humana Dental
  • Dentamax


As with any dental office, we have set fees for all services offered. These fees are based upon a usual customary rate (UCR), which is calculated from an average of what all dentists in the area charge for the same service. Also if you have dental insurance, we typically negotiate a reasonable fee for all services with the insurance carrier. This fee is always lower than our UCR fee. So by just having dental insurance, you will receive a discount. If you have any questions about our fees, please feel free to contact us.

We do have limited products available that will help you achieve a better oral hygiene experience. These products include:

Professional Sonicare toothbrush $90.00 plus tax
Professional Waterpik $55.00 plus tax
Bleach trays (including 3 tubes bleach) $175.00 per arch
Bleach refills (per tube) $29.00
Retainers 250.00
Mouth guard/Nightguard 486.00
By prescription:
Prevident toothpaste $19.00 plus tax
Chlorohexidine mouth rinse $23.00 plus tax

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