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Our Office

Although the dentist office can be an intimidating place for many, Dr. Markeson has tried to embrace a soothing and comfortable environment for patients. We are always looking to improve our office and practice as well, so you may never know what improvements you will find next.

New Patient Information

Your first visit to our office typically includes an X-ray that allows Dr. Markeson to view the structure of the jaw, the position of any teeth that have not yet erupted, malformed roots, and tooth decay. The initial visit also involves getting your medical history. When you share your medical history, be sure to provide complete, up-to-date information on your health. Inform Dr. Markeson if you have experienced recent hospitalization or surgery, or if you have recently been ill. Also tell us the names, doses, and frequency of any medications you are taking — whether prescription or over-the-counter products — and the name of your physician. Inform us of any changes in your health or medications. This information will help our doctors select the safest and most effective method of treatment for you.

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